How to Install Kodi XBMC on iPhone, iPod touch or iPad Running iOS 10 (Without Jailbreak)



Kodi is in my opinion one of the best media streaming apps that you can get for your iOS device, as well as other devices. For some time it was not possible to get this app on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad without it being jailbroken. However there is a pretty easy way to install it on your iOS device without it needing to be jailbroken!

Requirements and Important Notes: 

  • iOS device running iOS 9.0 or higher
  • Mac computer (if you don’t have a Mac click here to see how to install OS X in a virtual machine on Windows)
  • Free or paid Apple Developer Account (click here to see how to get a free account)
  • If you have a free developer account, Kodi will stop working after 7 days. Simply reinstall it using this method to fix the issue. If you use a paid developer account however the app will not need to be reinstalled for a year.


Written Guide:

  1. Download Xcode from the Mac App Store, the iOS App Signer, and the latest Kodi .deb file.
  2. Open Xcode and create a new project that is a “Single View Application”. Give it a name and unique identifier, for example com.ipodhacks142.kodi (‘kodi’ would be in the Product Name box and ‘com.ipodhacks142’ would be in the Organisation Identifier box)
  3. Click Next, choose where to save the project and click Create.
  4. In the Team box select your current team (Apple ID). If you don’t see it, log in with your developer registered Apple ID).
  5. If there is an issue displayed, click the fix button and it should be resolved (if it doesn’t work it means your identifier isn’t unique).
  6. Minimise Xcode and open the iOS App Launch. Click browser and select the Kodi.deb file you downloaded.
  7. For ‘Signing Certificate’ select your Apple ID. For ‘Provisioning Profile’ select the Xcode project you created. Click start and select where you want to save it.
  8. Open Xcode, click the Window tab at the top of the screen and select ‘Devices’. Make sure your device is plugged into your computer and select it in the left and menu.
  9. Click the + sign and select the Kodi.ipa file you created with the iOS App Signer. Kodi should now begin to install.
  10. Once finished, Kodi should be on your home screen. Before you will be able to open it, you will need to go to Settings>General>Profiles & Device Management>Your Apple ID and tap on ‘Trust’.
  11. You should now have a functional Kodi app on your iOS 10 device!


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