iOS 12 Beta 4: What’s New (New Features & Bug Fixes)


Today Apple has released the fourth beta version of their newest version of iOS, iOS 12. With this new version comes plenty of new features, bug fixes and more for developers and users to play around with and test. These are all on top of the already massive list of new things in iOS 12 beta 1, 2 and 3.

New Features (updated as they are found): 

  • Devices now need to be unlocked with a passcode before you will be able to use USB connections (e.g. to Mac/PC & USB accessories).
  • New activity stickers available in the messages app.
  • Control centre on iPhone X and iPad is bouncier when opened.
  • There are now pages for individual apps in the Screen Time menu.
  • App Store search now shows developers and stories.

Click here to view Apple’s official release notes.

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