iOS 12 Beta 2: What’s New (New Features & Bug Fixes)


Today Apple has released the second beta version of their newest version of iOS, iOS 12. With this new version comes plenty of new features, bug fixes and more for developers and users to play around with and test. These are all on top of the already massive list of new things in iOS 12 beta 1.

New Features (updated as they are found): 

  • There is a new pop-up when going into the ‘Screen Time’ setting panel for the first time.
  • Updated battery information in settings.
  • New arrow icon next to app shortcuts when viewing Siri suggestions on the home screen.
  • New vibration pattern then Touch ID is incorrect.
  • Screen Time can now be shared with parents/guardians.
  • There is now a pull-down tab for control centre in the top right on iPad (similar to the iPhone X)
  • Search suggestions in the App Store are slightly redesigned to show more on screen at once.
  • List of media types in the Photos app is a larger font size.
  • There is a new animation when previewing notifications on the lock screen and in notification centre.
  • The AirPlay icon in the music widget is now blue when connected.
  • When using a 12-hour clock on the iPad, AM and PM will be displayed in the status bar.
  • Face ID on the iPhone X seems to unlock much faster than in beta 1.
  • iPhone only apps on iPad now show using the 4.7″ screen ratio rather than the 4″ screen ratio.
  • RCS (Rich Communications Services) may be supported in this version. This would allow read receipts with standard text messages.

New Bugs:

  • Cellular info and battery percentage do not line up in control centre.

Click here to view Apple’s official release notes.

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