iOS 10 Beta 3: What’s New (New Features, Bug Fixes etc)


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Today Apple has released the third beta version of their newest version of iOS, iOS 10. With this new version comes plenty of new features, bug fixes and more for developers and users to play around with and test. These are all on top of the already massive list of new things in iOS 10 beta 1 and 2.

Here’s a Full List of the Known New Features (updated as they are found): 

  • Tweaked HomeKit Control Panel icon, ‘Accessories’ no longer truncated
  • Apple Music: Downloaded Music replaces Downloads (again), is now optional again
  • Updated Keyboard Click and Lock sounds from beta 1 have returned
  • You can now opt-in to share Activity data with Apple
  • Videos in Health are still placeholders, but text tag lines appear below each
  • New ‘App Support’ section in Siri settings
  • ‘Rest Finger to Open’ option in Accessibility settings now working reliably
  • Replying to Messages from locked Lock screen bug is resolved, new Dismiss dialog when pulling down alerts
  • Taptic feedback when iPhone manually locks
  • Image picker in Messages no longer crops photos for square preview, easier to discern
  • 3D Touch over a third-party app now includes app name (example: Share becomes Share Facebook)
  • New typing indicator for Messages when sending GIF images from picker, Messages extensions much less buggy
  • HomeKit setting now lists which devices act as hubs


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Source: 9to5Mac


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