How to Jailbreak iOS 11.2 – 11.3.1 Using Electra & Install Cydia Without Computer on iPhone, iPod touch or iPad


Exploits for iOS 11.3.1 were released online quite a while ago. Since then, people have been eagerly awaiting a new jailbreak for iOS 11. CoolStar, known for the iOS 11.0 – 11.1.2 Electra jailbreak, has been working on an updated version of Electra recently that would support iOS versions 11.2 through to 11.3.1. After a long wait, that jailbreak has finally been released!

As with all jailbreaks over the past couple years, this is also a semi-tethered jailbreak. This means whenever you reboot your device you will need to follow steps 9 and 10 of the below guide to restore all jailbreak features. This is very easy though so isn’t a big problem. This new jailbreak is compatible with all devices that can run iOS 11. As with most jailbreaks released over the last few years, this one can also be achieved without a computer simply by downloading the Electra app from a website such as Tweakbox or AppValley. You should defiantly make sure to backup your device to iCloud or iTunes before attempting this.

Requirements & Notes:

  • This is compatible with iOS 11.2 – 11.3.1 on all devices
  • This is a semi-tethered jailbreak (read steps 9 and 10)
  • This jailbreak DOES include Cydia
  • This works with the following devices:
    – iPhone X
    – iPhone 8/8 Plus
    – iPhone 7/7 Plus
    – iPhone 6s/6s Plus
    – iPhone 6/6 Plus
    – iPhone 5s
    – iPhone SE
    – iPad Air 1
    – iPad Air 2
    – iPad Mini 2/3/4
    – iPad Pro
  • This method does not require a computer.
  • Make sure to backup all your data to iTunes or iCloud before attempting this jailbreak
  • It is possible that the certificate used to install the app could get revoked by Apple, meaning the app would not open anymore. To fix this, simply re-download the app using the same method below when the certificate has been updated.

Download Links:

Written Guide:

  1. Open Safari on your iOS 11.2 – 11.3.1 device and navigate to one of the download pages above. For TweakBox, navigate to ‘Apps > Tweakbox Apps > Electra 11.3.1’. Once the install page loads, tap the ‘Install‘ button on the page. A window should pop-up asking if you want to install the app. Tap ‘Install’ again and the Electra app should begin installing on your device.
  2. Once the Electra app is installed, open Settings and navigate to General>Profiles & Device Management and find the Electra app profile. Open it and click ‘Trust’ twice.
  3. Turn airplane mode on to increase the chance of the jailbreak being sucessful.
  4. Open the Electra app. Tap on the ‘Jailbreak‘ button and the jailbreak should begin. The Electra app should now be installing Cydia. Do NOT do anything else with the device while this is happening.
  5. Once Cydia is installed your device should respring. Cydia should now be on your home screen! Open the Cydia app and it should open without any problems. If it doesn’t open, follow steps 9 and 10.
  6. As this is a Semi-Tethered jailbreak, after you reboot your device all jailbreak features will be disabled. To fix this all you need to do is open the Electra app, and do the same thing you did in step 7. You will need to do this every time you reboot your device.
  7. Once your device resprings, your jailbreak functionality will be restored!
  8. It is possible that, if Apple revokes the certificate for this app, that the Electra app with begin to crash when you try to open it. If this does happen, come back here and try to reinstall it using the link(s) above. If none of those work, you can install it using the standard computer method here.

Video Guide:

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  3. Its good for the apple user that iOS 11.3.1 is released. so they can jailbreak the 11.2 to iOS 11.3.1 easily now. Another thing is that you can now use the Cydia on your iPod easily. you don’t need to use a computer to install it.


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