How to Install Hacked ++ Apps & Games on iOS 12 (No Jailbreak / No Computer) iPhone, iPod touch & iPad


One of the main benefits people gain from being able to jailbreak their iOS devices is the ability to hack and make adjustments to various apps. This might mean adding or removing features, cheating in a game, or even playing console games on the device with an emulator. However, it is not just jailbroken users who can have access to these features. It is possible to install modified versions of certain apps on your device without the need for a jailbreak.

There are many different websites which allow users to download these apps on their devices. Two of the main examples of these are Ignition and TweakBox. These are essentially small app stores for hacked games and modified applications. Using these, you can install various popular modified applications such as Spotify++, Bobby Movie, Snapchat++, Instagram++, and many more.

Requirements & Notes

  • This does not require a jailbroken device.
  • This does not require a computer.
  • If you are installing a tweaked version of an app store app, make sure to delete the original before attempting to install the tweaked version.
  • These apps are signed and can be revoked at any time by Apple. If this happens the apps will start to crash. To fix this re-download the apps and try again. If this does not fix the issue then try again a little while later.

Download Links

Written Guide

  1. Navigate to one of the links above on your iOS device (must be with Safari).
  2. Tap either the second tab at the bottom (Ignition) or the ‘Apps’ button at the top (TweakBox). This will show different categories of apps available to install.
  3. Look through the list and tap on one that you want to download. This should bring you to the apps install page.
  4. On the install page, tap the ‘Get‘ or ‘Install’ button next to the icon. A pop-up should appear asking if you want to install the app. Tap on ‘Install‘. It should now begin installing like a normal app store app.
  5. Once the app has been installed it might not open due to an untrusted enterprise developer error. To solve this open the Settings app and navigate to ‘General>Device Management’.
  6. Tap one of the menus within this page until you find the one containing the app you downloaded. Tap ‘Trust’ twice and the app will become usable.
  7. You should now be able to open and use the tweaked apps downloaded on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.

Video Guide

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