How to Get The 1 Year Pangu Jailbreak App Certificate and Stop the PP/Pangu App From Crashing for Free


Everyone is happy that we finally have a jailbreak for the latest version of iOS. At last people can go back to tweaking their device to be exactly how they like it. However this new Pangu jailbreak does have one flaw in the way that it works. Being a Semi-Tethered jailbreak, users are required to open the Pangu app on their device and run it after every time they reboot their device to regain the functionality of the jailbreak. However because the Pangu app has to be installed using a 7 day Apple certificate, the app will begin to crash after 7 days. If you’re lucky enough to have a paid Apple developer account, you’ll have a 1 year certificate for the app, but most people do not.

It is pretty easy to get the 1 year certificate on your device, regardless of whether you have a paid developer account or not. This will mean that you will not need to reinstall the Pangu app every week to keep using your jailbreak. As there will likely be an iOS 10 jailbreak available before the 1 year certificate runs out, it will be plenty of time for most people.

Requirements & Notes: 

  • You need to have already jailbroken your iOS device with either the Chinese or English method (it doesn’t matter which one).
  • You will need a computer in order to do this.
  • This will work on Windows and Mac

Download Links: 

Written Guide: 

  1. If you have not done so already, you will need to jailbreak your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad using either the Chinese or English method before doing this.
  2. Download and install iFunbox on your Mac or Windows computer.
  3. Once installed, open iFunbox and plug your iOS device into your computer.
  4. Delete the PP or Pangu app which is already installed on your device. Then reboot your device so that it is in the “unjailbroken state”. Once it turns back on, enable ‘Airplane Mode’ through the control center or the settings app.
  5. Download the 1 year certificate Pangu app IPA file from the link above and save it somewhere you will remember.
  6. Once iFunbox has detected your iOS device, click on the ‘Managing App Data’ tab at the top. In here you should see a list of apps already installed on your device.
  7. At the top of the window, click ‘Install App (*.ipa)’. You will be prompted to select an app to installed. Find and select the 1 year certificate Pangu app IPA file you downloaded earlier.
  8. Once selected the app should begin to install on your device. If you get an error here, you probably have not yet jailbroken your device.
  9. You can now turn ‘Airplane Mode’ off on your device.
  10. At the moment the PP app shouldn’t be able to be opened. To fix this you need to open the ‘Settings’ app and navigate to ‘General>Device Management’. In here you should see a Beijing profile. Open it and tap ‘Trust’ twice.
  11. You should now be able to open the PP app and use it to re-enable the jailbreak on your device.

Video Guide: 

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