How to Get Spotify Premium for Free on iOS 11 / iOS 10.0 – 10.3.3 (No Jailbreak & No Computer) iPhone, iPod touch & iPad


Spotify is by far the largest music streaming service available. With the ability to listen to almost any song without needing to download them or pay for them individually, it is a very useful service for music listeners. While Spotify does have a free subscription, it is very limited in what you can do with it. By paying a monthly fee you can get a premium subscription that will give you unlimited skips, no adverts, and an all-round better experience.

But what if you can’t afford to pay the monthly fee? With Spotify++ you can get almost all premium features for free on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. You don’t even need to be jailbroken to get it!

Requirements & Notes: 

  • This does not require a jailbreak.
  • You do not need a computer for this method.
  • It is possible that at some point the Spotify++ app will begin to crash. This will be due to the certificate being revoked by Apple and all you need to do to fix it is follow this guide again. If it doesn’t work within a few days, check back for an updated method.
  • Premium features added:
    – No ads
    – Unlimited skips
    – Scrubbing through songs
    – Extreme sound quality streaming

Download Links: 

Written Guide: 

  1. If you have the Spotify app already installed on your device from the app store, make sure to uninstall it before attempting to install Spotify++.
  2. Navigate to this page on your iOS device (must be with Safari). This should load a website with a list of available hacked apps to install. Find the link named ‘Install Spotify ++ With Push Notifications‘. After a few seconds, a pop-up should appear asking if you want to install the Spotify++ app. Tap the ‘Install‘ button, then the app should begin to install on your home screen like a normal app store app.
  3. Once the app has been installed it will not open due to an untrusted enterprise developer error. To solve this open the Settings app and navigate to General>Device Management
  4. Tap one of the menus within this page until you find the one containing Spotify++. Tap ‘Trust’ twice and the app will become trusted.
  5. You should now be able to open and use Spotify++ on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad!

Video Guide: 

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  3. Don’t do it!! I have an iPhone 5 and ever since I did this, my phone froze every 5 minutes. It also doesn’t let me delete the app so I had to get another phone

  4. doesn’t seem to work now. I have this installed on my iPhone for a few weeks now. but today, when launching, it says that i need to have the app verified. when going to settings, it doesn’t want to get the site verified.

    i tried downloading the app once again, but it always fails.

    help please

  5. I can’t sign up …;(
    Every time i try with different account,it says unknown error occur.
    I tried even with miltiple fb account still nothing.
    Can you help me please.

  6. I have the beta for IOS 11 and the app downloaded fine. However, when I go to trust the app, it does not show up. Does anyone know the solution to my problem?

  7. It keeps saying that the app is unable to download. This is a problem that occurs when downloading the Tutu App as well. I’ve already reset my network settings and everything, still it won’t download.

  8. Doesnt work, impossible to install under iOS 1.3.1, same error every time: “Download of thr app is currently not possible”


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