How to Get Pikachu on Pokemon Go Easily (No Hacks/Cheats, Easter Egg) on iOS or Android


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Pokemon Go has been a huge hit among fans since its release a few days ago. The idea of having to move around in the real world in order to catch Pokemon is just the coolest thing to a lot of fans. Probably the most well known Pokemon of all would be Pikachu, the yellow lightning guy. He is also no doubt one of the most wanted Pokemon by players. You might expect Pikachu to be quite rare and hard to get, but you’d be wrong! It’s actually very easy to get Pikachu.

This is not a hack or cheat, but an easter egg which is intentionally in the game. It does however require you to do it at the start of your game, meaning if you already have an account, you’d have to start again to get him using this method.

Requirements & Notes: 

  • This can only be done at the beginning of your game. If you have already caught your first Pokemon, you will have to start again to do this.
  • This is not a cheat or a hack. It is an easter egg which is intentionally left in the game.
  • You will not be banned for doing this as it is an easter egg.

Written Guide: 

  1. Open the Pokemon Go app and login with your account for the first time (if you have already started, you will have to use a different account).
  2. Go through the initial setup of your character until you get to catching your first Pokemon.
  3. Do NOT catch one of the 3 that first appear. Walk away from them*. If you walk far enough away, Pikachu will spawn near you. You will not be able to catch him as your first Pokemon.
  4. You now have Pikachu on Pokemon Go!

*If you have a jailbroken iOS device, you can follow this guide to walk around in game without moving in real life.

Video Guide: 

Coming soon!

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