How to Get Paid Apps and Earn Rewards (Gift Cards, Money etc) for Free on iOS or Android!


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We all love free stuff right? Well what if you could get paid apps and even gift cards completely free? Well I’m here to tell you that you can! All you need to do to get these rewards is download some free apps from the App Store or Google Play, give them a try and earn points! These points can then be redeemed for things like apps, PayPal credit and lots of other gift cards.

So how can I get started with this glorious way of getting free stuff? It’s pretty simple. The service you will need to use to do this is called Feature Points. It works on both iOS and Android and therefore pretty much anyone can use it. Use this link in order to get 50 points for free when you start!

Navigate to the Feature Points website and download their app for your device. Once you’ve done this you just need to follow the on screen instructions and when you get to the list of apps you can download to earn points you’re ready to go! Now all you have to do is download an app from the list, use it for 2 minutes and the points are yours. Once you’ve tried 3 apps you’ll be able to earn points from other things such as surveys, offers and more in the ‘Extra’ tab. You can earn even more points by referring your friends. For every friend you refer you’ll earn 50% of the points they earn for life!

If all of this seems a bit confusing to you, I have included a video below showing exactly how the process works and the rewards you can earn. Give it a watch and it should be pretty clear how all of this works.

Video Explanation & Demo: 


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