How to get Genuine Android Pay Store Stickers for Free from Google


So you may have noticed a lot of stores now accept Android Pay, Google’s mobile payment system. You may have also noticed that the stores accepting Android Pay have little stickers inside the store on the tills, card readers and windows. Getting these stickers for yourself is pretty easy and doesn’t cost you a thing!

Google has a website set up dedicated to giving supplies for Android Pay to stores. You can go to the website by clicking here. Once there, you can order your own sheet of stickers. Pretty simple right? You don’t even have to be an actual business. Just input your name, address and any other information it asks for, and within a couple weeks you’ll have your very own stickers!

I have also included a video below if you’d like a full tutorial on how to get the stickers, and to see exactly what you’ll get:

I have put my stickers on my car. What will you do with yours?

Android Pay Merchant Website:

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