How to Get Free WiFi Anywhere, Anytime



These days the internet is everything, and it is important for a lot of people to stay connected wherever they go. It’s commonplace to find free Wi-Fi hotspots in restaurants, shops, and just about iPhone6SpaceGrayPortrait_750x1334_01any other public place. However it isn’t always so easy to find a Wi-Fi network that you can use.

Mobile phones of course have their cellular connections to connect them to the internet, however even this is limited for most people. That is why in most cases, a Wi-Fi hotspot is the best option to stay connected. This is where WiFi Map comes in.

WiFi Map is a simple a app available for iOS and Android. It allows users to upload Wi-Fi hotspots to their servers, making them visible on a map for everyone else. This is a mix of both open networks, and password protected ones which should give the password to you. Not all of these networks will work of course as they are added by users and can change at any time. However this is easily the best way to find and connect to Wi-Fi no matter where you are.

Download Free Version: App Store (iOS)

Download Pro Version: App Store (iOS) & Play Store (Android)



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